NVQ Lightning Protection

This vocational qualification is aimed at candidates who install and test Lightning Protection systems. The NVQ is evidence based and the candidate will require at least 2 years’ experience within the industry.

The assessor and will carry out a profiling session to ensure that the qualification and candidate are both compatible.

On registration the OSAT evidence is collated by the candidate and assessments may also include observational visits and professional discussions. This NVQ comes in both Level 2 and 3 depending on experience and competency.


The 30-30 Rule is an easy way to determine the threat of lightning in your area: 30 Seconds: Count the seconds between seeing lightning and hearing
thunder. If this time is less than 30 seconds, lightning


NVQ Lightning Protection

Costs depending on experience
please call for more information.

On successful completion at CTC, our students will receive an industry certification.